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  • Greek explosions

    I met him on a dating app, we went on a date on the day that somebody I was currently dating broke up with me in quite a harsh way in quite an important day for me…heartless. So this greek guy was kind of a rebound. We had a really nice date, he took me…

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  • A painter who did not come to paint

    Life (and men) can really surprise you… I really needed to redecorate and my (male) friend knew a good painter, so he came over to see my house, talk about the costs, get to know his client a bit before he starts. The first time he came my friend was with me at home and…

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  • What is relationship drama?

    I have been thinking about ”relationship drama”. What it exactly is? Personally I think it’s a way out of a relationship…a reason people use to avoid confrontation with their own feelings or their own boundaries they crossed. Let me explain… If u care for somebody you don’t let ”’relationship drama” stand between you two right?…

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  • Dating in 2023

    Hoping that this year is going to bring better dating and relationship experiences this is the list I am planning to stick to: Any other tips that could change my dating experience into a much better one?

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